At Grinling Gibbons, we aim to stimulate our children’s interest in, and curiosity about, their surroundings. We see Geography as being key to enabling children to learn about, and develop a better understanding of, the world around them.
By following a curriculum which is engaging and relevant, children learn about the world from a local, national and international perspective. Our aim is that by the time they leave us, they are fully aware of what it is to be a global citizen with local, national and global responsibilities.

Through each new topic, opportunities are planned to enable children to acquire the age-appropriate skills and knowledge relating to:

  • location – understanding and using maps and globes
  • place knowledge
  • human and physical geography
  • geographical skills and fieldwork

Educational trips and technology are also used to engage children by supporting and deepening their understanding of the topics they study.

Using our local area

Grinling Gibbons is also part of the Creekside Network which is a local nature reserve. Children visit the site regularly to take part in practical activities such as pond-dipping and low-tide walks where there are always expert volunteers on hand to assist them with their learning. We also try to make full use of any free access to resources they may have, such as their collection of artefacts discovered locally in the river.

Please view Grinling Gibbons Geography Curriculum Map below
Teacher and student discussing a geography project
Girl working intensely in a Geography lesson
“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.”

David Attenborough Broadcaster

Paper Copies

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